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Todays Mantra: E-Bay

Take a breath. Inhale. Exhale.    E.    Bay.    E.    Bay.    Concentrate all your energy on listing items and providing a visually balanced storefront for your customers. Now focus on your goals for the next couple weeks. Try not to overwhelm yourself. Feel the excitement from the upcoming item photo shoot enter your heightened consciousness. Now list more items. Don’t forget your other mantra. Fair trade store.   Fair.   Trade.   Store. We want Beleza to flourish in the online atmosphere and continue to build its reputation as a Fair.   Trade.   Store.


Hello world!

And we’re back, after a brief winter hiatus, wreaking havoc on the HTML, CSS, and sprys of the Beleza website. Right now, we’re focusing mainly on organizing the entire site, eliminating dead ends, standardizing the menus, and streamlining the whole web experience.

If you can really say you’re “focusing” on everything…

hmm… I’ll get back to you. In the meantime, check it out! Today I spent most of my time on the Fair Trade and About Beleza pages. I had some interesting learning experiences figuring out how to work internal anchor links as well. Had an entire page of text displaying as a link at one point… CSS still scares me.


That’s it for today… next week I’ll try to finish up going through all the webpages, and maybe even add a favicon!

*happy place*

Swing by the Beleza Fair Trade store sometime! Hope to see you there.