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making it personal

I just skyped my friend and couchsurfing host Nourdinne Tahiri (Nour) in Marrakech, Morocco. He is going to send me pictures of his mother’s jewelry. I will show them to PDail, the expert on consumer desires in Raleigh. If he likes it, I will get Nour’s mom to send us some samples. I would love for fair-trade to benefit a family that took me in as one of their own.

On another note, if you have contact with an artisan in a developing country who could benefit from a relationship with Beleza, let me know. PDail is always looking for new artisans.


a swiftly changing vision

I came to the owner of Beleza, Philip Dail, with a proposition: let me be the events coordinator for the store. I would contact trade shows and arts festivals to get the store a place to sell the art and jewelry. Get the Beleza name out to Raleigh and the NC State community. simple enough, right?

After meeting with PDail (his preferred name), the wheels started turning. I realized that with PDail’s teaching and his wife’s constant managing of the store, the two hardly have time to breathe.

My vision changed: create a small army of volunteer interns. I am setting up a web team (the online orders section of the store needs to be managed), a graphic design team (for store publicity at events), and a non-profit focus group.

I am stunned at the response I have gotten from NC State students already! I sent e-mails through listservs and created a job posting on ePack, the NC State employment database.

My vision changed overnight: Create teams of volunteer interns to focus on functional areas of the store (web, publicity, events, etc.) and draw from the NC State community to fill these positions. Build sustainability into the program by documenting the whole process and creating a training manual for future interns.