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january is for jumping back in

After a hiatus for break, the interns are back on track.  We have restructured a little bit to make our work more efficient.  We all meet at the same time now instead of having separate meeting times.  As PDail gets ready to co-lead a relief trip to Haiti, the interns have a big surprise for everyone.  I can’t tell you what it is yet, but be looking out for some exciting new things.  We’ve come up with some excellent goals to improve the amount of online traffic we receive.  Selling our handmade crafts and jewelry can be difficult online, but we have some cool solutions in the works.

In other news, I will be investigating how fair trade and microcredit loans are interrelated in my senior research for International Studies.  I am excited to be able to apply things I have learned in my degrees towards my work with Beleza.  The Caldwell Fellows and I just invested in a microcredit loan to help a farmer in Ecuador buy more farming equipment.  He is producing oranges, cassava, corn and cacao.  We used kiva.org as the broker for the loan.

Josè Narciso Quinatoa Arias

Meet Josè Narciso Quinatoa Arias, the borrower.


making it personal

I just skyped my friend and couchsurfing host Nourdinne Tahiri (Nour) in Marrakech, Morocco. He is going to send me pictures of his mother’s jewelry. I will show them to PDail, the expert on consumer desires in Raleigh. If he likes it, I will get Nour’s mom to send us some samples. I would love for fair-trade to benefit a family that took me in as one of their own.

On another note, if you have contact with an artisan in a developing country who could benefit from a relationship with Beleza, let me know. PDail is always looking for new artisans.