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I put “Buy now” buttons on the website through dreamweaver.  Christian is working on on creating a new menu; instead of it being on the side he’s going to have a drop down menu across the top similar to the one Ten Thousand Villages has.  Kylie’s working on updating the artists stories.  While she’s doing that, I’ll be putting in ‘invisible links’ so that Google will be more attracted to the Beleza homepage.  I’ll also have normal tags that will lead to the jewelry page.


developing new skills

Today, the web team is going to meet to learn how to use dreamweaver.  Adobe offers free training materials on their website, so Tracy and the other interns are going to learn how to use some of the features.    I am excited that this internship is going to teach them new skills while they are helping a worthy cause.

In other news, the non-profit focus group has had a couple of meetings now and they are reading over the non-profit laws and doing some basic research.  The interns are really enthusiastic.  I and they have a lot to learn before we can proceed with making any concrete plans.

In other news, we are still high in the search results when you run a google search for “fair trade.”  This is really really exciting!  We thought it was temporary but it has stayed.  I think this blog has a lot to do with it.  Another search term we want to optimize is “fair trade store,” because if people are going shopping then they might search for this instead of just searching fair trade.

We have some very talented students.  I am delighted that so many freshman and sophomores have stepped up to the plate.  My e-mail is also flooded with requests from others who want to participate, but I can’t coordinate that many people all at once!  (I also have a managerial job with a staff of 15, so right now I’m leading 27 people…)

The institute for non-profits has put posters all over campus about the myths of working for a non-profit.  It’s nice to see this publicity.  Hopefully we can begin a partnership with them soon.  Our non-profits team leader, Kenneth, knows some of the people there and is pursuing the minor.  I’m excited to see this relationship grow.

the more the merrier

I met a promising new intern, Christian, today and updated him on the goals and projects for Beleza.  I added him to Google docs and the Beleza calender as well.  I also explored dreamweaver a bit more and tried to figure out how to insert an RSS feed.


Today Alex and I worked on dreamweaver.  We discovered how to create meta descriptions and meta keywords on each html link for the Beleza website.  I spent the afternoon programing the description and keywords into every Beleza link in the attempt to make it more attractive to Google.