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this blog is so powerful.

On Friday, I had the interns target the term “fair trade store” in our blog entries.  While we are coming up on the first page of google results for “fair trade,” we weren’t even the second page for “fair trade store.”

My reasoning for choosing this search term is that many people are searching for more information about the concept of fair trade when they google “fair trade” but if people want to buy products, they’re going to jump right in and hit “fair trade store.”  This cat and mouse game of keywords is what makes SEO so exciting.

It’s only monday, and we’re the second choice for “fair trade store.”

so fast - it happened in 4 days!


Click your heels three times and…


Think fair trade store, Fair TrAde StoRE, FAIR TRADE STORE!!!  *poof* You now find yourself in the mystical, wonderful world of Beleza. You can find a scarf to go with those smashing ruby pumps and strut down the yellow brick road like it was made of 14 karat gold. Well, perhaps someday… For now we’re trying to make Beleza synonymous with the phrase “fair trade store” in the minds of shoppers and in the computerized brains of search engines everywhere. It’s a BIG and ambitious move, we know, but I think we can do it!


Today I finished putting “invisible” links the Beleza fair trade store website.  They’re called invisible links because no one can see or tell that the links are there, but Google will pick up on the links. We also gained a new intern, Tomer Shvueli. He’s studying computer science and seems like he’ll be a huge help to us. Today, he began creating new links to the fair trade store artists.


I put “Buy now” buttons on the website through dreamweaver.  Christian is working on on creating a new menu; instead of it being on the side he’s going to have a drop down menu across the top similar to the one Ten Thousand Villages has.  Kylie’s working on updating the artists stories.  While she’s doing that, I’ll be putting in ‘invisible links’ so that Google will be more attracted to the Beleza homepage.  I’ll also have normal tags that will lead to the jewelry page.

the more the merrier

I met a promising new intern, Christian, today and updated him on the goals and projects for Beleza.  I added him to Google docs and the Beleza calender as well.  I also explored dreamweaver a bit more and tried to figure out how to insert an RSS feed.


Today Alex and I worked on dreamweaver.  We discovered how to create meta descriptions and meta keywords on each html link for the Beleza website.  I spent the afternoon programing the description and keywords into every Beleza link in the attempt to make it more attractive to Google.

is it possible?

I just googled the term “fair trade” to look for a news story because I couldn’t think of anything else to write about.  We are just getting started and Beleza is the number 5 search result!!!  It’s above 10,000 villages…unreal!  I’m very much in shock at the moment because we have just made a few small changes.

We did it!

I am really in shock :O

starting…. now!

Today I created a project time log for the web team.  I provided them with three projects and some information as to when to begin them and an estimated time we should finish them.  The three projects to work on at the moment are creating an RSS feed, working on SEO’s, and updating the Beleza website.  I also researched Google analytics and began to figure out how to attract search engines to the Beleza websites.